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Lutz is a Chicago Bakery that offers an amazing selection of cakes, tarts, tortes, cookies and chocolates all created using traditional European recipes that have been in the Lutz family for generations.
Gardens Nationwide
In 2008 an Indiana entrepreneur, Gene McGowen, purchased the former Whiskey Barrel Planter Company.  Change took place starting with the name change to American GardenWorks.  In 2014 we approached American Gardenworks with a novel solution to Diversify their branding on a national stage.  Today we continue to innovate with them building solutions that transcend their competition. 
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American Gardenworks has long been a client of Brokerwebs.  We developed a custom website solution to display their entire line of garden products.  Each year we have revisited the site with the client to improve and add features. One of the unique challenges of this project involved adapting a huge ever changing catalog of products.  We wanted the site to be a resource for Retailers and Consumers alike.  During the pandemic American Gardenworks gained huge marketshare and is now carried in large national Retailers like Lowes and Menards.  
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