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Lutz is a Chicago Bakery that offers an amazing selection of cakes, tarts, tortes, cookies and chocolates all created using traditional European recipes that have been in the Lutz family for generations.
Shooting Eyewear
In 2020 we were approached by an enthusiastic Entrepreneur.  Dennis had been selling Pilla eyewear at his local shooting club for years and wanted to take his business to the next level.  We went head to head with another firm to compete for his business.  Needless to say we won the business and spent months developing a unique E-commerce experience like none other.  Today in 2021 Dennis has grown his business into a million dollar enterprise.  Today we're truly honored to be partnered with such a dynamic company. 
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Built for Growth
Web Design & E-Commerce
This project is one of brightest success stories in our roster.  It starts with a great founder with visionary ideas, Dennis is that founder.  We worked closely with to create a unique E-commerce platform that could compete with the best in the industry.  We continue to build new features into the site and improve the platform monthly.  
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